Daylight and Deep Freeze

I am truly relishing the slow return of the sun. Pedaling home by the stark light of the late afternoon sun is so much preferable to toiling away in the dark with all lights flashing. It  made a breezy -22°Celsius ride pleasant. I even took the time to stop and snap a couple of photos on the pedestrian bridge over the North Saskatchewan river. I only had my rather poor cellphone camera to use. The impulse to photograph while riding arises so often that I really should get a decent camera to take with me. 

After all these years living in Edmonton I still am struck by all the buildings venting steam on frigid days. It looks like a city afire to warmer climate East Coaster like myself.

Sunny Ride Home

And a picture of yours truly:

Prepared for the cold



Since I’m doing some maintenance on my winter bike I’ve been riding my Kona Jake for the past few days. It’s a much sweeter ride than my lumbering, studded-tired, stupidly heavy mountain bike. I like it too much to subject it to a full winter of riding, though. Next week I plan to be back to the winter bike.


2 thoughts on “Daylight and Deep Freeze

  1. Those are stunning pictures, even if you only had a cellphone! When you choose a camera to use while cycling, I hope you will post it. We are thinking of getting one just for that purpose as well.


  2. Thanks! I digitally touched the photos up but there is only so much you can do with a 1.3 MP camera. If I get a new camera likely won’t be anything fancy but I will post the details. We do have a half-way decent camera that is waterproof and would be suitable for carrying cycling but my wife uses it on a regular basis so I can’t carry it around with me.


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