Bad Clothing Choice

Today felt like the coldest ride of the year even though I have already been out at this temperature a couple of times. Perhaps the fact that it is the first of March made -28° Celsius seem colder. In any case, I inadvertently combined my lighter weight base layer with a slightly lighter weight pair of pants and it made a real difference. My legs were so cold that halfway through the ride I stopped to activate a handwarmer and press it against my legs for a while.  At the same time I tried to wipe the fog from my glasses only to find that it was actually a thick layer of ice. While trying to scrape it off I popped the lens out my glasses into the snow. When I decided to try riding through the winter this year I said I would stop if it wasn’t fun anymore. It came close this morning.

On the bright side, I finished repairing my winter bike today during lunch and was able to ride it home today.


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