Toasty Warm!

After my underdressing yesterday I busted out and field tested my extreme coldweather gear today. It was actually a bit warmer today (-26ºC)  but there was a stiff wind.This was particularly noticable  on the way home when I found myself cycling into a headwind that was resulting in a -34º Celsius windchill plus whatever I was generating by cycling. Today I felt like I was wearing a spacesuit: I was toasty warm.Toasty Warm!

At the beginning of the season I picked up a pair of  vintage ’80s ski pants (they are so VERY 80’s) at Value Village. I thought they would be helpful on the coldest days but I hadn’t used them yet as it turned out that even at -28ºC they were not necessary. After yesterdays brush with frostbite I put them to use today. I also dusted off an oversize set of boots that would fit three pairs of socks. Lastly I wore a 3M  half-mask respirator with all filters removed. I had tried to use this earlier in the winter but couldn’t make it work. This time I figured out an arrangement of scarf, stocking cap and balaclava that seemed like it would work. On the way to work I was a little overheated. On the way home it was perfect.  There was still a little problem with my glasses fogging up inside the ski-goggles but it cleared up part way through each ride.

Overall, a success and I think this photo alone is worth having rode through the winter.


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