Weird Things #1

I spotted this interesting traffic obstruction while cycling through downtown Edmonton a few weeks ago. Liquid nitrogen was being moved from these  large containers, through an elaborate system of pipes and down through a manhole to the depths below. Why they were doing this, I have no idea.


Utility Cycling #1

Today I took a short ride to deliver some Green Party lawn signs to houses in the neighbourhood. It seemed like a no-brainer to me. If you’re going to deliver Green Party signs by bike is the way to do it. The metal frames were a bit unwieldy but after couple of tries I figured out a way to secure them to my rack with just one bungee cord. This sort of thing would be easier with a cargo trailer I suppose, but the problem solving is part of the fun.

Here's how I secured everything.

It's the second day after officially retiring the winter bike. The Jake is looking sharp and is SO much more fun to ride.

Signs of Spring in Edmonton

I need a better camera than my camera-phone if I’m going to continue  blogging.

This storm sewer has been overflowing for days now.


The first geese I have spotted this year. It must actually be spring!


It looks like a wet day for a picnic on the Muttart's grounds.