Busking Report : Supertramp

Last Sunday was a busy day. I picked up a used kid hauling trailer that I lucked into via Kijij (only $10.00!!). The canvas was in terrible shape but since it’s destined for conversion to a cargo trailer that doesn’t matter. I also scored some nice Cinelli and Scott bars at a garage sale for super cheap. While I was gloating over my purchases I almost forgot that I was supposed to meet my busking comrade for the Supertamp concert at Rexall place. When I finally remembered, it was exactly the time that I was supposed to be there. I hurriedly grabbed my instruments, hopped on Nishiki-san and sped off.

Nishiki-san, Lark Cittern, Republic Resonator Mando

The crowd was smaller than I would have expected. I suppose Supertramp’s day has passed. On the bright side, the people that were there were quite appreciative of our playing and were generous. There were a lot of parents with their pre-teen kids. I can see that. Supertramp seems a safe bet if you want to take a kid to a concert and hope to avoid high decibel profanity.

All in all, a pleasant crowd and an easy busk. For the most part my fingers were up to the task. Again, I declined to busk the outgoing crowd even though I expected them to be a very happy bunch.


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