It only takes a few days of rain.

It’s been raining here in Edmonton for several consecutive days. This is unusual. More often the rain comes in brief, torrential downpours. These few days of rain have greatly swollen the North Saskatchewan River and the creeks feeding it. To anyone unfamiliar with Edmonton these pictures won’t convey much:  the landmarks and references that indicate how much higher the river is running will not be obvious. Pictures can’t communicate the implacable force of the river or the sinister  eddies.  I cross the river every commuting day and it is  sobering to stand and watch the river, realizing how little it takes to transform it. Here in Edmonton, this is just a novelty, something to ooh and ahh at. Most of the city is safely very high above the river. I like it that way.

Normally Mill Creek just flows though that culvert in the midle.

Mill Creek

I think the river must be running about 10 feet high.

I like the clouds in this picture.


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