New Official Bike Route

The City crews have painted the lines for the new 97th street bike route.  I haven’t had a chance to ride the part of the route with the dedicated bike lane but I am hopeful that it is a good way to travel to the South end of the city. It’s nice to see  any little thing done to aid the urban cyclist. My workplace is right on the route and although it may be my imagination I think I have observed an increase in bike traffic already.

The part of the route that I do use on my daily commute is the segment through the residential neighbourhood  between 82nd Ave and 63rd Ave.  There is no separate lane here, just something that the city calls “Sharrows” in its literature. This may be one of the most inane names I have heard in a while. These share arrows aren’t going to change my use of this route in any way. I’m not really sure if they are useful at all. Perhaps they comfort the novice cyclist. Maybe they will remind drivers that cyclists have a right to be on the road.

The pavement in this segment of the route is in pretty bad shape, the worst on my commute actually. When I heard about the new bike route I was wondering how they’d manage to paint the lines on such an uneven surface. Maybe they would do some road repair and THEN paint the lines. Nope. Maybe I’m just being cranky but I’m annoyed that the new official bike route is on a road that is in such bad repair.

I particularly like how the arrow points directly at a pothole. It's a good thing these arrows are just suggestions on where to ride.


2 thoughts on “New Official Bike Route

  1. The sharrows concept does seem rather silly, doesn’t it? It probably would have been better to take the man hours and paint money and repair even a small portion of that road. Yikes, that looks nasty!


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