The Iron Horse Returns Home

It’s time to give my trusty ol’ 2007 Iron Horse Maverick Commuter a bit of blog love.  I wrote a few unflattering things about it HERE and while they are true this bike has served me well and perhaps deserves a bit better. This department store quality bike did the job commuting, river valley trail riding and utility riding. I worked it hard for many thousands of kilometers until the effort of keeping the low level components working was too tedious.  After a brief retirement in through most of 2010 , followed by winter riding duty in the memorable winter of 2010/2011, it is now in the project queue  again. It spent several months tucked away behind a storage building at work but I finally rode it home last week.

Getting the grips on was a PITA. I stretched one beyond usefullness on my first try. The next time I lubricated the bars with a little water. The grips slid on easilly then and remained firmly in place when the water dried.

The latest change is the new set of bars. These are ’90s Scott AT-4 bars that I picked up at a garage sale for $5. How can you go wrong? The idea is that they are supposed to provide a bit of a aero riding position in addition to multiple hand positions. I’m not sure of the usefulness of an aero position on a mountain bike, but what the heck. They look interesting so I’m giving them a try.

I’m also thinking of swapping out the lousy

The winter riding was not kind to this fork. That's OK, it wasn't very good to begin with.

suspension fork for a rigid one. Oh, and I need a new rack and fenders. And tires. And cable housing. And maybe a stem. Already I’ve spent more on upgrading and maintaining this bike than I originally spent on the bike itself. That’s OK, though. It feels good to make this a more useful machine.

Last year's upgrade. A very nice used wheel with DT hub, spokes, and Mavic rim.


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