DIY Wheel Dishing Tool

I’m terrible at truing wheels and really messed up the dishing on one a while back. I’d been procrastinating addressing the problem and was even considering paying somebody (Gasp!) to fix the wheel. Instead,  I took a little while one day to cobble together a DIY dishing tool.

Rusty and slightly bent.

First, I scrounged up some scrap ends of 1/2″ square bar and sandblasted them . Since I have access to a fancy pants surface grinder at work I ground all the bars to a uniform thickness. This left them extremely straight (I can bring the grinding wheel down in increments of 0.0001″).  If you don’t happen to have a $20,000 machine shop surface grinder in your garage I think three already straight bars would work as well. I drilled and tapped 3 holes for some lengths of threaded rod. I faced off the ends of the rod in a

I cut each plate into two peices.


Next, I used my calipers to screw the end rods in to the same height and locked them in place with a nut. Finally, I picked up two 5o cent mending plates from Home Depot after work. These form the clamps that hold it all together.

OK, so this isn’t pretty but I tried it out this weekend

The completed tool.

and it worked fine. By loosening the clamps  and sliding the arms I can use the tool with different diameter wheels. Since I used scrap materials, tools I had at work and some odds and ends I had kicking around at home I am only out of pocket about a dollar. Mind you, buying a dishing tool isn’t really costly but it wouldn’t

The sliding portion.

have been nearly as much fun.The next project might be a DIY truing stand.


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