Night Ride

Night Ride with Instruments

On Sunday night I pedaled off to play music at a friend’s Solstice party. The temperature was a pleasant -5Celsius, so I didn’t have to worry too much about the cold affecting the instruments. There had been a fresh fall of snow to cover the ice but I rode cautiously nonetheless as a fall would have been unwelcome. There were fiddles, recorders, guitars and some singing .  I contributed mandolin, cittern and bodhran. One musician brought a bass recorder, which is a beast I hadn’t seen before. I had a very nice solitary ride home through the silent, empty ravine. I spotted a hare but didn’t succeed in getting a good photo.

6 thoughts on “Night Ride

  1. When I read, “with instruments,” my thoughts turned to the interesting dials, lights, and recording devices which were somehow attached to your bicycle. Then I remembered you are a musician… 🙂


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