Further Signs of Spring.

News of my recent declaration of Spring has obviously come to the attention of the geese. I spotted these on my ride home today.




8 thoughts on “Further Signs of Spring.

  1. It is so rainy as I walk from the bus stop to work. I am not quite ready to bike the three miles to the Park & Ride. But with temps at 45 degrees at 5:30 AM, bicycle riding season is fast approaching for me.


  2. Hey, I remember those guys! They were very charming but I must warn you they will relieve themselves wherever the feeling strikes them. Other than that, they were good neighbors.


    • I have had much occasion to notice that about geese in the past. However, I am always happy to see them arrive as it is one of the real signs of Spring…except for the several large flocks my daughter and I spotted flying West in late January. I’m not sure what they were up to. Suspicious avian characters if you ask me.


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