One Trailer, Three Bikes,Twelve Wheels


5 thoughts on “One Trailer, Three Bikes,Twelve Wheels

  1. I think you need some orange flagging on that oversized load 🙂
    I keep seeing abandoned bikes around nait but have too many final projects coming due to make the time to go back and rescue them. I’m sure there will be more at the start of next month when the semester is over and students leave the apartments.


    • This was a load of bike cargo I was hauling home from work. I’ll be giving the larger of the two bikes on the trailer to a friend of a friend once I finish fixing it up. The other bike is one my boss gave me. Apparently, once you become know as a bike person people start giving you bike shaped objects. Not sure what I’ll do with it.I may just hand it forward to EBC.


  2. Did you have many problems whilst transporting the bikes, I’m thinking of transporting a bike on my bamboo trailer but i am wondering if the trailers too small with the bike being just short of a full adult size bike. The trailer luggage area is a 44cm square on mine, I would also have to transport it 8 miles! Any advice?


    • 8 miles was about the distance that I traveled with this load. I had to travel rather slowly because my hitch is not the best. It has a spring that I don’t like. I think your trailer is too small to carry a bicycle in the same way I did as my trailers’s platform is about 83c long. There may be other ways, though. You might be able to secure a bicycle diagonally in the way this guy does:

      Also, if you could figure out a way to mount the bike above your trailer wheels you might be able carry it lying on its side. Or maybe with the bike wheels of you could lie it on its side between the wheels?

      Or maybe you could mount the front wheel on the trailer and let the rear wheel roll on the ground, sort of like pulling a second trailer.

      However you do it take your time setting it up. It took me more than 30 minutes to figure out how to load my trailer up safely for moving those bikes.

      Good luck. If you manage to do it make sure to take some photos for your blog!


  3. The diagonal idea may be a good option or just putting the front wheel on. I will keep it in mind as I have a bike stand that I could attach to the trailer and the bike. Thanks for this. Ben


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