Too Busy to Blog!

It’s been a busy, busy summer so far and I haven’t been making the time to write this blog. Work, bikey activities, home renovations, a short vacation and out of town visitors have been keeping me hopping.  But don’t worry ( because I know it’s been keeping you awake at night) I have been riding lots and taking photos.  Here are two photos as a preview of future blog posts:

This was my bike for the inaugural Edmonton Steampunk Bicycle Ride. It was a good time and I will soon subject you to many photos.

We had a short trip to Saskatchewan, a province I had barely seen anything of previously. I managed to get in several good bike rides and was treated to vistas such as this one.


8 thoughts on “Too Busy to Blog!

  1. Summer is short in your part of the globe and one shouldn’t waste it sitting in front of their computer. I’ve noticed several of the blogs I follow have gone idle for long periods, including my own. Perhaps we are all too busy having fun to write.


  2. Bikey activities? Luv it. I can’t wait until Bothell puts in the bike path by my house. Riding on the Bothell-Everett highway is just too dangerous. So I’ll stick to my Saxy activities. No, really. ;0)


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