Hinterland Who’s Who: The Winter Bicycle

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A lone winter bicycle traveling by the light of the full moon.

Once considered a rare and elusive creature, the population of winter bicycles is now growing. Sightings have dramatically increased across northern countries, especially in urban areas.

Like the great Canadian icon the beaver, winter bicycles are mostly crepuscular / nocturnal in their habits. Only on occasion are they seen during the precious and scant daylight hours. Unlike it’s cousin the summer bicycle (which  often travels in large, aggressive packs) the winter bicycle is primarily a solitary creature, with some rare exceptions.

The knowledgeable wildlife observer will discern many varieties of these majestic creatures. One key  difference between the sub-species may be seen in the wheels and tires. Of particular interest is the increasing number fatbikes found prowling along the paths and roads of northern habitats.

For a more complete story of the winter bicycle, why not visit one of these resources?

Winter Cycling Forum
Winter Cycling 101

(You can also see  vintage clips of the real Hinterland Whos’ Who at their website!)


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