Introducing Cycling Clogs!

Tuckamoredew Industries is proud to announce a new and revolutionary advance in the technology of cycling foot retention systems: Bike Clogs™. This radical new approach is the result of countless hours of research by our crack in-house design team, in co-operation with world renowned ergonomic specialists and master woodworkers.


“There are many merits of clogs!”

This seamless blend of traditional wooden shoe manufacturing with modern cycling technology offers numerous advantages.

High Performance!!

Bike Clogs™ offer extreme sole rigidity for maximum power transfer. The weight to strength ratio of wood is excellent, resulting in an unbelievable combination of durability and lightness. Racing cyclists who are willing to trade some material strength for reduced weight may wish to consider our Balsa Bike Clogs™.

Environmentally Friendly!!

Bike Clogs™ are made from 100% natural materials and are completely biodegradable. Our wood is sourced from ethically harvested forests and are manufactured using traditional hand tools for a minimal carbon footprint.

Custom Fit!!

Simply send us a plaster cast of your feet and our staff of expert whittlers will carve a shoe that embraces your feet like no other.


Bike Clogs™ will easily accept a wide variety of cleats. Installation is a breeze using the wood screws and screwdriver supplied with each set of shoes.

Superior Foot Protection!!

Our tough as oak line of mountain cycling clogs offer unbeatable foot protection from the hazards of the trail.


For a modest fee our artists can provide custom painted or carved graphics, team logos, drillium treatments and much more. If you would prefer to individualize your shoes yourself please order our Custom Clog Kit which includes the book “Whittling Made Easy” and a high quality pocket-knife.

Stay tuned for further announcements regarding our rapidly expanding product line. Subscribe to our newsletter or follow our Clog Blog for all the latest updates.

And always remember:

“If It Ain’t Wood, It Ain’t Good”©

Our warehouse is fully stocked and open for business. Order now!

Our warehouse is fully stocked and open for business. Order now!


9 thoughts on “Introducing Cycling Clogs!

    • Anybody can afford our clogs. Our financing department is happy to make arrangements for amortized payments. Also, our associates Guido and Lefty are available 24-7 to discuss creative options with quasi-legal interest rates.


  1. I actually have some clogs similar to those pictured, sans cleats (I’m 100% dutch back to at least 1500s). I have not tried riding with them yet, but am now considering 🙂 They are quite comfortable actually.

    I’m curious what was the inspiration behind the post? Any dutch connections?

    I’ve found the best wet-weather riding shoes to be somewhat similar to these, just made of leather instead of wood (leather shoes with no laces). Found them for free at a garage sale.


    • Inspiration was a comment on a previous post to the effect that, like clogs, three speed bikes have been superseded for good and practical reasons.

      Reading about clogs for this post was pretty interesting, revealing many reasons for the continued relevance of this footwear. For instance, I was surprised to find that clogs are still used as as certified safety footwear in some situations.


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