Folding Bike Sunday

I haven’t been spending much time reading or posting blogs here at WordPress for a week or so.There has been no shortage of bikey activities, though.

Yesterday, was the big Spring Bike and Bake Sale at both Bikeworks locations. I was at the North shop and we  pretty much sold all the tuned up bikes and several as-is ones. The repair stands were pretty much fully occupied throughout the day, as well. I brought my camera to take a few pictures of the event but I was kept so busy bouncing back and forth between patrons that I totally forgot to use it. I heard that it was crazily busy at the South shop where they had many more bikes ready for sale. Now we have to get busy building some more. With spring having finally arrived ( no, really,it has) I’m feeling pretty excited that the cycling activity is picking up here in the city. I’m looking forward to a busy season at the shop.

Today, with the arrival of warm weather in Edmonton, my wife got the MEC  Origami out for her first ride of the year. For this relaxed, neighbourhood trip, I decided it was appropriate to take my 3-speed Raleigh 20. It was a pleasant, though cool, day for cruising around on our small-wheeled bikes.

MEC Origami


Raleigh 20

In accordance with rule #3 of the Society of 3-speeds, I rode my bike with immense enjoyment.

In accordance with rule #3 of the Society of 3-speeds, I rode my bike with immense enjoyment. 


4 thoughts on “Folding Bike Sunday

  1. Sorry, your’s not a folding bike. Does your wife have another bike? Just curious.

    I have a Dahon folding bike and love it. It’s “Baby Day” to distinguish from his Dahon which is a different model.


    • My 1977 R20 is a folding bike, but does not come anywhere near modern folders in terms of compactness or ease of folding. My wife had an older ’80s Dahon before this new one. The new one is a vast improvement.


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