Musical R20 Ride

Last night I loaded up the Raleigh 20 with instruments and alcohol and headed out to a friend’s birthday party to play a few tunes. The instruments of choice were the Republic resonator mandolin and my beloved Sandner waldzither-to-cittern conversion. The beer of  choice was Muskoka Summer Weiss.

Musical R20

Musical R20

The 3-speed R20 performed its job as beast of burden with aplomb, it’s zippy maneuverability undiminished by the low-slung load.  At the party guitars, whistle, fiddle and recorder were also present. Tunes were played, songs were sung (not by me!) and beverages were sipped. The post-midnight ride home was warm, quiet and peaceful. I coasted through a group of muted late night revelers in the Mill Creek ravine, seeming to amuse them with my helmet light. I do love fair weather night riding, one of the great things about the approaching summer.

Midnight Musical R20

Midnight Musical R20

8 thoughts on “Musical R20 Ride

  1. Clearly Edmonton must be having hot weather like Calgary right now. Interesting that to see you with the musical instruments on a folding bike (?).


    • Yep, we’ve been having some record-breaking hot weather here (well earned after suffering through the unusually long winter). The R20 is nominally a folding bike, but an extremely sturdy one.


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