Ravine Bike


Today, I got up in the wee hours of the morning and took the Ravine Bike down on the river valley trails for a fantastic three-hour shakedown ride. This is the first real ride I’ve taken it on since I finished building it up this past winter. How good was it? It was so good that I almost posted my next  “Bike of the Week” entry five days early. It was so good that even spending one-and-a-half hours cleaning out the fridge after the ride couldn’t dampen my enthusiasm. It was so good that I want to go do it again RIGHT NOW. The weather was beautiful, the river valley is bursting with greenery , and the bike gobbled up the trails. Even the lingering effects of a bout with asthma yesterday couldn’t bring me down.



4 thoughts on “Yeeeee-haaaaaw!

  1. Wicked awesome! Love gettin’ muddy on spring ravine trails! Especially when your knobby tires look like smooth donuts, when packed with nice clay, hehe. Can’t wait till the river goes down and I get my MTB all cleaned and tuned up for trails!


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