9 thoughts on “The Best (And Silliest) TV Chase Scene Ever

  1. An epic chase. Despite being a heavier man, McMillan had better climbing abilities. Given his larger size, its odd he couldn’t catch his man on the descents. Then again, the villain was clearly an expert bike handler. Crashing through the barrier at speed was remarkable. Hitting the curb (and finally the wall) was tough luck. The villain probably should have shot McMillan at one of the many points they were less than ten feet apart, rather than waiting to shoot across a crowded street.

    Thanks for sharing. This should be studied repeatedly to pull out all the subtleties!


    • There is a lot to consider. McMillan must have been at a serious disadvantage wearing a leather jacket as opposed to the villains lighter suit jacket. Also, as one friend pointed out, they appear to descend at least three times the height of San Francisco over the course of the chase.


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