The First Mountain Bike Commute of 2014

Finally, finally, FINALLY!

The Iron Horse is back in working order and ready to dive into the mighty fine Edmonton river valley trails. I had wanted to do a ride on Victoria day morning, but was forced to spend my few free hours at the Bikeworks North tuning the bike up. All is well now, and on the very next day I rode the Iron Horse on my daily commute.

I love that my city has such a great network of singletrack, so easily accessible. I’m particularly lucky that I can plot a route more or less directly to work on these trails. My trip in the morning was more on pavement than I planned because I was running late, but I took my time on the way home and spent as much time as possible rolling the big tires through the dirt. I hope to do this sort of commute at least once a week this summer, weather permitting.

I was mostly having too much fun to stop and take photos, but I did manage a token few.

Commuting at its best.

Commuting at its best.

Take your choice: abandoned stairs or tree roots.

Take your choice: abandoned stairs or tree roots.


I never tire of the prairie cloudscapes.


4 thoughts on “The First Mountain Bike Commute of 2014

  1. I should really try riding a non-paved path next time with a bigger wheeled mtb. I have no idea how to ride through those roots or those steps! With my little wheeled bikes, all I see are potential accidents. Hahaha 🙂 Happy commuting!


  2. Somehow the choice between the steps and the tree roots convinces me that mountain biking will never be for me. Give yourself time and take pictures, I like big skies too….and bridges of course.


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