Still Here, Still Pedalling



9 thoughts on “Still Here, Still Pedalling

  1. I don’t have your email so I’m posting here. I’m curious if you’ve heard about some of the Rails to Trails (Natural Linear Parks) projects going on in central Alberta? Some projects have been completed with what seems like little publicity, I only just found out about them inadvertently when camping beside one. I thought you might be interested or want to feature this on your blog sometime. There are many more rail to trail possibilities, they need donations and/or government funding to proceed, mainly to construct proper perimeter fencing to alleviate landowner concerns.

    Sadly the link below is the only info I have found about it on the web so far. There needs to be better web presence for these trails and some mapping.

    I pedaled a portion of the trail south of Rowley. The scenery is spectacular. The surface has not been improved much from the rail bedding, so it is a bit rough even for a mountain bike with 2 inch wide tires. A bike with 3 inch wide tires would be perfect for it. I plan to eventually post about it on my blog and will be donating to the cause.

    Hopefully someday money will come to upgrade the surface to something better like crusher dust.


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