1980’s Sekine 10 Speed Road Bicycle ( A bike to be )

This is an abandoned  ’80s era Sekine 10-speed that I found lying by the road near work. I spotted it late in the Fall of 2010 and passed by without examining it. About a month later, after we had already had a snowfall or two I went back and it was still there, handlebars sticking forlornly out of the snow. There were a couple of guys in the parking lot of the business it was in front of and I asked them about it. Nobody at their shop owned it. So, I pulled out of the snow and carried it back to work. I have since tried to find the owner but without success.

It has been well taken care of, and needs little work. I had thought it would be perfect for my wife but it turns out to be too big. At this time, I am considering giving it a sympathetic and reversible conversion to fixed gear. I found  decent wheel with a flip-flop hub at Bikeworks. So far I have only removed all the components. The paint was in so-so condition so I’ve stripped it from the frame and fork and have re-primed the frame. Sorry, no photos yet.


4 thoughts on “1980’s Sekine 10 Speed Road Bicycle ( A bike to be )

    • I was pretty slack on documenting my work with this one. I don’t have any before pictures. I’ll take some more as work progresses, though, and fill in some more info on my page. Thanks for your interest. Oh, and that’s a nice Sekine blog you’ve go started.


    • No real progress at this time. I kept procrastinating the re-painting and late this summer I decided to just rebuild it as is with the rust coloured primer. I scrounged a wheel with a flip-flop hub so it’s ready to build as a fixed/single speed. It’ll be one of my winter projects I guess.


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