1985 Apollo Super Sport Road Bicycle (Former Bike)

1985 Apollo Super Sport 14-Speed

I don’t have this bike anymore. I wasn’t riding it at all after buying the Norco Magnum GT so I donated it to Bikeworks. Another volunteer snapped it up right away.

I purchased this bike via a Kijji ad for $50.00. If I’m interpreting the serial number correctly it’s an ’85 bike. The decals show that it was made by Kuwahara.  I’m guessing it was just above the entry level Apollo’s but I could be wrong. The paint is in great condition aside from a few rust spots, the decals are mostly intact and it was in tuned up shape for riding. What a deal! I replaced the racing saddle with a Wright’s W3N leather saddle and replaced the clipless pedals with some old road pedals I had kicking around. This bike is fast, solid and has become my daily commuter in the couple of weeks I’ve had it. I’ve found the rear derailleur a bit finicky when shifting but I don’t have enough experience with older bikes to know if this is typical.

Here are some of the vital stats:

  • Suntour AR Derailleurs
  • Suntour downtube clamp-on shifters
  • Diacompe Sidepull Brakes and levers
  • Kusuki Winpista Bars
  • Sugino Cranks
  • Araya 27″  alloy rims with Suzue Hubs
  • 52/40 front, 7 speed 12-28 rear
  • eyelets for rack and fenders on back, eyelets for fender on front
  • RD is mounted with a claw (no hanger on the frame)
  • One set of water bottle bosses

3 thoughts on “1985 Apollo Super Sport Road Bicycle (Former Bike)

  1. Suntour AR derailleurs usually shift really well. Pardon me. Just found your blog off of Adrians blog. Have you followed Sheldon Brown’s procedure for derailleur adjustment? My guess is there’s friction in the cable housing somewhere it all is adjusted well.


  2. Thanks for the tip, I will check that out. I’m pretty sure I checked the derailleur adjustment as it is something that I routinely do when I first check over a bike. The derailleur shifts easily enough and responds to small adjustments but I found that the position had to be quite exact for it to run smoothly. I was wondering if maybe the freewheel is ultra spaced. Would that make a difference? Of course, the problem could also be my mediocre shifting skills…


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