2007 Iron Horse Maverick Commuter (Former Bike)


This bike is no longer in service. I’ve stripped it down to a frameset. The fork is heading to the scrapheap and maybe the frame is too.

I picked this up cheap and second hand to be my commuter after using a truly awful bike shaped object for my first year of commuting. The Iron Horse served me well for several thousand kilometers. It was the first time I used a bike with a 34tooth on the back ( a cheap Shimano megarange freewheel) and I loved it for powering up out of the river valley while towing my daughter and groceries in a trailer.

I guess Iron Horse made some decent bikes but this really isn’t one of them.  The frame is massively overbuilt for a commuting bike. It  looks like they took a heavy mountain bike frame and added fenders, a rack and bottom of the barrel components and called it a commuter. I have since upgraded many of the components and now use it as my winter bike.

2007 Iron Horse Maverick Commuter – Winter bike


2 thoughts on “2007 Iron Horse Maverick Commuter (Former Bike)

  1. Do u think its worth paying $250 for this bike? Is it good for gravel and pff roading types of stuff? I need a bike and might buy this from a friend but ik unsure


    • I think that’s a bit expensive. I don’t think they were a lot more than that new, so it’d have to be in like new shape to justify that price. That said, I got a lot of use out of this bike, putting several thousand kilometers on it riding on road, gravel and some singletrack before I upgraded to a better bike.


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