Signs of Spring in Edmonton

I need a better camera than my camera-phone if I’m going to continue  blogging.

This storm sewer has been overflowing for days now.


The first geese I have spotted this year. It must actually be spring!


It looks like a wet day for a picnic on the Muttart's grounds.


I’m loving the warmer weather but….

……where did the path go?

I seem to be doing a lot of this lately.

  The snow is melting fast in Edmonton and leaving behind creeks and ponds of meltwater to cover the urban landscape. I’ve been riding through it for a few days now and this might be my least favourite part of cycling through the winter.  A soggy commute home is followed by morning icefields after the temperature drops overnight. My powertrain has been freezing up each night and was so bad Saturday morning that I had to bring the bike into the house and thaw the chain with a hairdryer. I guess I’ll have to bring it into the house overnight for the next while. I was chatting with a fellow at the farmer’s market yesterday who was riding a Trek Soho with an internally geared hub and belt drive. That seems like a pretty good idea right about now.