Busking the St.Patrick’s Day hockey game.

I had great hopes for the Sunday afternoon busk. I’d be playing celtic music on St.Patrick’s day for a crowd of possibly inebriated fans. Disappointingly, the crowd response was lackluster and though I left with more cash than I arrived with the total was nothing to write home about.

As I didn’t take any photos at the busk to use in the bog I  recorded one of my busking sets when I got home. Only one take,so not perfect (but that describes my playing when busking). I was struggling through computer problems when editing the video so the resolution is not what it should be, but I have no energy to fix it. Because I’m a contrary sort,  the tunes are a mix of Scottish and Irish despite being for St.Patrick’s day.

The tunes start slow (sort of) and get fast. It’s a nice long group to play as the crowd flows past. Played on my Flood-Tone mandolin made by American luthier Thomas Flood.

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