1965 CCM Continental Bicycle

This is my introduction to the world of Sturmey-Archer 3-speed hubs. This bike insists on being ridden at a leisurely pace. I love its smooth ride and making long swooping turns on it. I tried riding it to work a few times but given the fact that I’m usually running late and sprinting it just isn’t suited to the task. The rear hub has a dynamo generator to power the front and rear lights. I need to do some tinkering to get that working. I’m also going to install a Pletcher type rack.

1965 CCM Continental SA 3-speed


6 thoughts on “1965 CCM Continental Bicycle

  1. Beautiful bike. Yeah, it just feels right wearing a proper jacket with a three-speed doesn’t it?
    If you get the dynamo to work, modern LED lighting definitely works better than old halogen or krypton bulbs, though throws a “colder” light. Unfortunately most modern headlamps save a few don’t look as good as the one you currently have. Supposedly the gents behind the Lake Pepin Three Speed Tour make some LED bulbs that go into old lights:
    (go to “Parts” page)


    • Thanks, that’s good to know. For the headlight, at least I think there is enough room for me wire up some sort of DIY LED system. I’m kidding myself to think that I will get around to it any time soon, though.


    • Cool, this is the only one I’ve seen and I do like it a lot. I should ride it more often. As far as I know the generator works fine and I just have to check out the wiring to the lights.


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