1983 Nishiki Continental Touring Bicycle


This is my favourite bike. I could ride this one all day, every day. Love, love, love. In its day, it was Nishiki’s top of the line touring bike for the Canadian market.

I bought it with the thought of upgrading the components with modern ones but it is in such good shape  and works so well as it is. I had never used downtube shifters before but it didn’t take long to get used to them. It is such a pleasure to ride. Smooth, light, fast.

Since this picture was taken I have added a vintage Ideale saddle, Velo Orange fenders and a vintage Blackburn rear rack.

1983 Nishiki Continental


1 thought on “1983 Nishiki Continental Touring Bicycle

  1. Hi, Good photo’s of a bike I recall well. I bought one in the mid-80’s and took it on a 5 month bike trip in Europe with my wife. We started in Athens not knowing what we were doing, and went overland (and water) as far as Holland before heading back to Greece. I put Biopace chainrings on it, heavy duty bar foam and upgraded the front derailleur, but the bike was flawless. I sold it in about 2000 as I wasn’t using it much and had insufficient space. It is a bike I wish I had kept, but I think I feel that way about just about every bike I’ve owned. Cheers, Brian


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