1983 Nishiki Continental Photoshoot.

I needed a new header image for my blog as the winter picture was feeling unseasonal. Since I hadn’t yet taken any pictures of my favourite bicycle Nishiki-san I took a quick spin (the first of the year on this bike!) over to the top of the river valley and accomplished both tasks at once. I finished just as the sun was setting.  Here are a few shots of a pretty river valley and a pretty bike.

3 thoughts on “1983 Nishiki Continental Photoshoot.

  1. Hello, I’m promoting Commuter Challenge week at my workplace and was wondering if you would allow me to use your gorgeous blog photo in an email on Tuesday, June 7th. It would be going only to department staff (approximately 500) in an email that will describe the great things about commuting to work by bicycle. I could credit your site at the bottom if that would be satisfactory. Thank you for your consideration. Please send me an email if it’s okay.


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