Hello Snow!

Beautiful snowy riding.

It has been unusually late arriving, but the snow has finally started falling. Late Friday night, I was in the garage tuning up my Winter bike when I looked through the open door and saw gently falling snow.  Obviously, I was meant to go for a bike ride. I headed out on empty streets for a quick descent down Kinnaird ravine to the river valley. The snowy night was gorgeous and the bike was handling beautifully. The shifters, brake levers and crankset I had recently put on were a great improvement. The new fenders were doing their job nicely. I had forgotten how smooth a ride the mountain bike has compared to my road bikes. I rode through the valley for a while before heading up to cruise through the downtown core. The normally busy streets were pleasantly vacant at 2AM. After a stopping for a quick bite to eat I headed home. This first snowy ride was just excellent. I should have brought my camera.

Today, I got up a little before dawn and went for another great ride. I plan on enjoying this early winter riding as much as possible as it is a little harder to maintain the positive outlook when the deep freeze arrives. I rode North and went down Kennedale ravine for some more river valley riding. The trails were deserted at the beginning of the ride, but were occupied by plenty of dog walkers toward the end. There were lots of ducks and geese in the river. The ducks seemed to be taking the weather philosophically, but the geese were making an awful racket. I imagine they were arguing about whose fault it was that they weren’t already someplace warmer. I headed back up Kinnard ravine and headed home. It was another excellent ride. This time I had my camera.

Kennedale Ravine

Bike looks at geese. Yes, those tiny dots in the river.


2 thoughts on “Hello Snow!

  1. Excellent pics, but they fill me with a sense of foreboding. I realize I have nothing to complain about when it comes to winter, so please excuse my snivling. Hang in there and feel free to come south when the drifts cover your roof!


    • Well, the cold weather is coming to get you, too, but it’ll be tuckered out after dealing with us. Last year was my first year cycling through the winter and it turned out to be one of the worst winters in a while. I’m hoping for better this year.


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