Winter Night Ride With Instruments

At this time of year most of my riding is night riding as only 7 1/2 hours currently separate sunrise and sunset. When I do find myself pedaling in the sunlight the unaccustomed light blazing off the snow is blinding.The prospect of lengthening days is a good reason to celebrate the upcoming solstice.

A couple of weeks ago I set out to a gathering celebrating my friends’ 20th anniversary. I brought my cittern, mandolin and bodhran with me as there is always music to be played at their parties. The playing was varied and enjoyable with other musician’s playing guitar, harp, pennywhistle, irish flute, recorder and banjo. I had a chance to pick a few tunes on the banjo, a 1920’s short scale Triple X with the original skin head: fun and fast playing.

The cycling was gorgeous, as winter night riding can often be. The temperature was a tolerable -13C and there were great fat flakes of snow falling through the crisp air. I stopped on the High Level ridge to take a few pictures of the well lit adjacent LRT bridge. I also took a few rare winter cycling self photos. Riding a bike one-handed,  in the snow, over a bridge, in the dark with delicate musical instruments on my back. What could go wrong? Happily, nothing did and it was a lovely ride to end the evening.

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7 thoughts on “Winter Night Ride With Instruments

  1. If you look across you should be able to see me as we must be on about the same latitude as we are on a 7hrs 15minute day today. I’m going to speak to Santa, who I know personally, about some decent winter lights. I like the idea of a mild -13 degree day. I’m glad the music went well.


  2. Impressive with three musical instruments on the back! Sounds like a great winter gathering.

    I feel quite conspicuous winter cycling with a banjo on my back, I’m glad I’m not the only one. I have now figured out a way to attach the banjo onto the bike rear rack and top tube, which is much easier than on the back.

    Needs a bit of time to warm up though before it can be tuned!


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