Pros and Cons of Winter Cycling

PRO: A Winter Wonderland!

PRO: A Winter Wonderland!

CON: Long stretches of pure ice.

CON: Long stretches of pure ice.

Yes, here we are again with a blog post inaugurating a new season of winter cycling in Edmonton. Saturday night’s snowfall transformed the landscape into a mix of winter wonderland and tortuously icy roads. I’ve been for a few rides in the new conditions and I think I’m getting my winter cycling mojo back a bit more quickly than last year. Of course, we haven’t yet had a really big snowfall yet, or a real blast of arctic temperatures…


13 thoughts on “Pros and Cons of Winter Cycling

  1. How have you solved the problem of riding on ice? The stuff scares the heck out of me cause I get absolutely no indication that my bike is about to slip. One minute – cautiously pedalling. The next – laying on the ice and gripping a body part in agony.


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